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03-Jun-2020 17:53

Learn more about Sphere 2 software We enhanced AVer's Sphere2 lesson presentation software adding our new Class feature that allows a teacher to transmit portions of their doc cam-based lesson directly to students’ 1 to 1 learning devices!Better yet, by using AVer’s Class Send app on their tablets, students can review, annotate, answer questions and send their content back!Choosing a shutter speed one step faster than the current shutter speed (by, for example, changing shutter speed from 1/60 s to 1/125 s) is referred to as “increasing shutter speed by one step” and halves the amount of time the shutter is open.

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If you are photographing a subject that is in motion, you will get different effects at different shutter speeds.

The main subject is in both cases blurred, but the results are distinct from blur caused by the subject being out of focus (focus blur).

Shutter speed: Speeds faster than one second are shown as fractions (e.g.: …1/125, 1/160, 1/200, 1/250…).

Desktops, laptops, tablets, Interactive Whiteboards and projectors: classroom technology tools are becoming more varied and complex.

AVer document cameras with the new A software suite help harmonize visual and digital curriculum content throughout the technology surrounding you!

Some cameras may omit the numerator so that “1/125” becomes “125,” “1/250” becomes “250,” etc.

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