Accomodating adhd

05-Sep-2020 10:34

As the doctor was going over the results she suggested the ONLY place for my child was in a public school setting where she could have her tests & extra materials read to her.

The exact words used were, I should "open my mind" to the suggestion or possibility of public school.

I'm SO glad she was at home though and we could find the problem, early. He not only can read, he can comprehend and discuss aspects of plot. I strongly encourage your first purchase to be Cheryl Swope's book. Next, spend some time with the placement charts for Simply Classical.

It was frustrating because she could read books like Little Bear, but then if I pulled the same words, out of context it was hit or miss on whether she would read them correctly. WE did not find any specific learning disabilities, but it did show a compromised working memory problem and ADHD. Don't guess about where she's at, really do the tests and see where she fits.

It was during her last year of foster care, and between visits/doctor's appointments she missed a ton of school.

Not to mention, they used a lot of sight words and we noticed she really struggles with memory.

Teacher observations are often helpful as well; they may be recorded on the Teacher Survey Form (.pdf/240KB).

It brings order to our day and Cheryl has done an amazing job helping at the skill level but allowing some higher content material for "asynchronous" learners. The curriculum is customize-able, you can choose different levels of math or reading for example.Because disabilities and accommodation needs change over time, documentation must be up to date.

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