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31-Aug-2020 12:44

The big surprise of the evening came when we got home that evening, opened the envelope from the Shinseki Foundation and discovered her scholarship was for 00, not 00!

This afternoon I am: I am having the BEST time with our son and family!

So, I started down the list and wrote to each owner of the five possibilities, telling them about us, and asking when was the earliest they would accept a reservation.

Our first choice turned out to no longer be a rental, and our second choice wasn’t available during the summers.

We’ve also all gone out to breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen, which is always fun.

The pool at their resort is fabulous though – I knew they’d have trouble getting our grandson out once he got in, and our granddaughter loves the kiddie pool there too.

The sun finally came out yesterday and they finally made it to the beach, and last night we got together one last time for a Hawaiian-style dinner: kalua pork, chicken, macaroni salad, rice, and a delicious cucumber salad made by our D-I-L.

We had a fabulous week – the only thing better would have been more sunshine and less overcast and rain (although that didn’t slow any of us down)!

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I went down to Poipu for a day at the beach with them yesterday (the beaches here on the east side remain closed due to the lingering brown water advisory from the floods) and then they all came over for dinner last night, and were back for a big breakfast this morning.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

but fun week (which is why I didn’t get a post up on Thursday).

I’ve had no plans to book a place in Portland for next summer until after the first of the year, but this past week I was checking at what was available in our price range and discovered there wasn’t much – only five places! I began to have visions of having to move from place to place all summer because all I would be able to find later were rentals for a week or so at a time.

Or, we’d have to rent a car because the only place available would be in an un-walkable neighborhood or far away from public transportation, and our costs for the summer would skyrocket.All three loved the house and the second couple was willing to write a deposit check on the spot, but we learned from the third woman that he is asking for 0 – 0!!! That’s also 0 more per month that what was published in the ad, but he blamed that error on his wife.