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24-Apr-2020 22:38

She may well be the most powerful woman in America, and almost certainly is the most powerful member of the Obama administration.

The adjective "shadowy" definitely applies to this woman who enjoys her power through her relationship to the President, having never been confirmed by Senate hearings.

R Michael Jordan just took smack talk to an entirely new level ...

Florida-based journalist Jose Lambiet reported Rashad’s best friend, Michael Jordan, “has been known to drag Rashad with him to the West Palm Beach mammary mecca Rachel’s” (which boasts on its Web site: “Completely nude dancers.

The sports community is reeling from the sudden, shocking death of ESPN's John Saunders -- and Wednesday night, Ahmad Rashad explained why he was so loved. He was a wonderful, beautiful man." NFL legend Tony…Cold world. Unfortunately she isn’t the first wealthy wife to be treated this way and we’re sure she won’t be the last.

According to NY Post reports: Sheri Astrachan slapped her estranged real-estate-exec hubby, Matthew, with Michael Jordan may think President Barack Obama is a "sh*tty golfer," but the president is unfazed by the diss.

Rashad captured the tipped ball in the end zone for a touchdown with no time remaining and the Vikings won, 28-23, to win the Central Division title. Paul Pioneer Press) When the Vikings defeated New Orleans with the “Minnesota Miracle,” Ahmad Rashad celebrated by exchanging high-fives with Michael Jordan.

The longtime friends watched last Sunday’s game at Jordan’s house along with Rashad’s 11-year-old daughter Ava.Johnson is the ex-wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson.