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A striking example of this debate and commentary was seen in 2008 when a 60 year old American man, a retired businessman, visited Thailand in order to meet and possibly marry a Thai woman.This provoked a storm of protest and support on the internet after his son wrote a blog piece exploring the orthodoxy of American men dating Thai women in Thailand.In 2006 a US citizen of Thai decent was elected to LA Palma City Council in California becoming the first US Mayor of Thai descent in 2007.The growing confidence of the Thai American community was seen in 2006 when protests occurred outside the Thai consulate in LA prior to the coup deposing ex PM Thaksin Shinawatra.She states that she is totally committed herself in making sure that whoever finds her, and wants her, will not be disappointed. A woman like this might add twenty years to your life.If ever there was an opening for a bright, young, middle-aged, or older man to score himself the perfect partner, then this is it.These exploited Thai women regularly make headlines as increasingly vigilant US authorities clamp down on sex trade operators and the US courts hand down stiff sentences.The resultant media attention has a negative impact on the perception of Thai immigration to America lead by Thai women who marry US men.

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