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Please inform yourself and take your time looking for a good fit.At DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy we also offer you support finding the therapist that can be a better much for you.Exercise can lead to a healthy heart and lessen anxiety due to gaining a higher-level of endorphins, and in the long run, help you feel better about you. Some examples of how venturing into the great outdoors may help …[Read more...]Let’s face it: sometimes it’s difficult to clue your family or even some of your closest friends in during times of great stress or turmoil.

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[Read more...]Throughout my teenage and adult life, I’ve found nature and working within my community to be a great way to alleviate stress.There is still a negative connotation associated with therapy and this is why a lot of people do not believe that therapy can actually be a very beneficial treatment option for people who need it. [Read more...]Tips for Teens: You’ve made it this far.