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It is the lack of answers and the sense of being haunted by them that gives art its power ---Dr.With plays inspired by the sciences growing into a full genre, I thought readers would find it helpful to have this annotated list of such plays reviewed at Curtain Up.Some severe cases require surgery."It's very hard to argue that people aren't being put at risk," said Sarah Feinberg, the former administrator of the FRA, who had issued the safety advisory in December.

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A notice posted in the Federal Register said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration would consider updating a 2015 bulletin to medical examiners about the physical qualifications standard and respiratory dysfunction.Many of the largest passenger railroads, including Amtrak, require engineers to undergo sleep apnea screening.The Association of American Railroads, an industry group, said railroads are continuing to take steps to combat worker fatigue, including confidential sleep disorder screening and treatment.Sleep apnea is especially troubling for the transportation industry because sufferers are repeatedly awakened and robbed of rest as their airway closes and their breathing stops, leading to dangerous daytime drowsiness.

Treatments include wearing a pressurized breathing mask, oral appliances or nasal strips to force the airway open while sleeping.Duane De Bruyne, a spokesman for the agency, declined to answer questions about the NTSB's concerns.