Bios updating option

18-Mar-2020 20:47

Last night my windows 10.1 updated (I believe.) This morning it was working fine, a little slow at first but it didn't take long until it was back to normal.

I went out, did some chores and now I am back home and have ran into some huge issue.

Can I and should I update my current BIOS (version 8.09 of 5/23/2013) on a HP Envy Phoenix 800-050se Desktop PC running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) by downloading the latest revision of the BIOS (version 8.20 of 2/10/2015) from the HP web site even though it is only listed for Windows 8.1 ?

The HP web site does not provide any BIOS update for Windows 10.

CPU fan failed and PC would not boot except to "fan failure" message.

Fan has been replaced, but now constantly getting blue screen error BSOD, which reads "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" and sometimes other errors. 2) Tried booting from USB drives (several) using Linux recovery tools (Kaspersky, Ubuntu Live, etc.). 3) Downloaded BIOS update from HP and created BIOS update USB.

Message Arguments = NA Message ID = JCP001 Name = update: DCIM: INSTALLED#701 BIOS.- Executing the BIOS Dell Update Package (DUP) from within the operating system. The system reboots and launches Lifecycle Controller (Fig. 1.3.1 Run BIOS flash utility in UEFI shell In this method, you must provide a UEFI bootable device, such as a USB key. Press during POST to enter the BIOS Boot Manager (Fig. A sample output of a failed command: The command failed with error code: CMPI_RC_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER When the command fails, check the Instance ID you provided is accurate by comparing it with the output from the previous step. Ensure that it is accessible with proper permission. After the specified Start Time elapses, the host reboots and launces System Services to perform the firmware update.