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22-Dec-2019 02:18

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Lest the setup of "My Blind Brother" begin to sound too inspiring in terms of overcoming physical limitations and sacrificing one's own desires for a loved one, it must be pointed out that neither Bill nor Robbie particularly seem to like each other. He also resents that Robbie uses him as something akin to a guide dog and that no one seems to notice his role in Robbie's efforts.

As for the brother's feelings toward Bill, Robbie gives a big speech after a marathon-length run.

When the parents of her dead boyfriend run into her and Robbie at a restaurant, she finds herself trying to apologize for how she has started dating again, and then she has to apologize to Robbie for the other apology.

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Robbie took his disability as a motivation to prove that he could rise above it.The daters are of all ages, backgrounds and from across the U. The audience comes along for the ride in a refreshingly authentic viewing experience that plays like a real-life romantic comedy.