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It addresses regional geography, diversity, religion, political and social structures, mercantile and cultural ties abroad, the arrival of Islam, and the region’s changing relationship with European and Asian power.

Students must apply and be accepted into the Global Seminars Program. China since 1978 (4) Examines China’s attempts to manage the movements of people, ideas, and trade across its borders since 1900.

History of Public Health (4) Explores the history of public health, from the plague hospitals of Renaissance Italy to the current and future prospects for global health initiatives, emphasizing the complex biological, cultural, and social dimensions of health, sickness, and medicine across time and space. Introduction to Law and Society (4) A survey of contemporary issues concerning law and society, with emphasis on historical analysis and context.

Satisfies the lower-division requirement for the law and society minor.

Recommended preparation: previous course work on China helpful but not required. Primary sources will include written texts and visual materials.

May be taken for credit four times with department approval. China under the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) (4) Ming history from its beginnings under Mongol rule until its fall to rebels and the Manchus. Life in Ming China (1369–1644) (4) We read primary and secondary sources to explore the experiences, worldview, and relationships of Ming men and women, variously including emperors and empresses, scholar-officials, upper-class wives, merchants, weavers, painters, eunuchs, Daoists, fighting monks, farmers, actors, gardeners, courtesans, soldiers, and pirates. Women and Gender in East Asia (4) The impact of modern transformations on female roles and gender relations in China, Japan, and Korea, focusing on the late imperial/early modern periods through the twentieth century. The Silk Road in Chinese and Japanese History (4) This course studies the peoples, cultures, religions, economics, arts, and technologies of the trade routes known collectively as the Silk Road from c. We will examine these trade routes as an early example of globalization. History of Material Culture in China (4) Introduction to material culture in China from a historical perspective.

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Special attention will be devoted to industrial development, urbanization, African and Afrikaner nationalism, and the origin and development of apartheid and its consequences. West Africa from Earliest Times to 1800 (4) Plant and animal domestication, ironworking and the distribution of ethnic/language groups, urbanization, regional and long-distance commerce, and the rise of medieval kingdoms.

United States (4-4-4) A year-long lower-division course that will provide students with a background in United States history from colonial times to the present, concentrating on social, economic, and political developments.

(Satisfies Muir College humanities requirement and American History and Institutions requirement.) HILD 7A-B-C.

Primary and secondary readings on basic ideas, institutions and practices of the Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist paths and of the state and family. East Asia and the West, 1279–1911 (4) From the Mongol conquests to China’s last dynasty and Japan’s annexation of Korea, this course examines political, institutional, and cultural ruptures and continuities as the East Asian countries responded to the challenges of Western imperialism with defense, reform, conservative reaction and creative imitation. Twentieth-Century East Asia (4) Examines the emergence of a regionally dominant Japan before and after World War II; the process of revolution and state-building in China during the Nationalist and Communist eras; and Korea’s encounter with colonialism, nationalism, war, revolution and industrialization. Film and History in Latin America (4) Students watch films on Latin America and compare them to historical research on similar episodes or issues.

Films will vary each year but will focus on the social and psychological consequences of colonialism, forced labor, religious beliefs, and “Modernization.” HILD 30.The course will explain the system of thought and trace it as it changes through history and within human lives and institutions. Women and the Family in Chinese History (4) The course explores the institutions of family and marriage, and women’s roles and experiences within the family and beyond, from classical times to the early twentieth century. Women and the Chinese Revolution (4) Examines women’s roles and experiences in the twentieth-century Chinese revolution, the ways in which women participated in the process of historical change, the question of to what extent the revolution “liberated” women from “Confucian tradition.” HIEA 139GS.

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