25-Dec-2020 02:05

I will demonstrate respect and compassion without regard to race, color, class, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability or ethnicity.

Such equitable treatment shall be extended to all to whom I minister regardless of position in the organization, including to those who may disagree with me.

I will neither listen to nor volunteer criticisms of my colleague(s).As an alternative, or should the direct approach not achieve the desired result, a Chapter Good Offices Person (GOP) should be consulted. The relationship of a congregation with its minister(s) can only be understood with reference to both the autonomy and the mutual accountability of congregational polity.A GOP is initially neutral, advising the member, and exploring the possibility of an informal resolution of the concern. Therefore there can be no rigid standardization of parish-minister relations.If I am a member of a congregation that I once served, this may include the possibility of absenting myself from any presence at all.

I will articulate clearly my own hopes and expectations regarding my relationships in the congregation, and my intention to avoid wielding any undue influence among the members.

I will acknowledge the reality of power differences based on defined responsibilities and authority within congregations, agencies or enterprises.

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