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Bonde (2012) thought three larger teeth (including BMNH R 1588) were probably congeneric with Dromaeosauroides, while Nuthetes itself could be a more generalized neotheropod.

Milner assigns Nuthetes to the Dromaeosauridae based solely on the high DSDI, though she also compares the Mackelian groove and posterior extent of tooth tips to Deinonychus.

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Serrations are smaller than in most dromaeosaurids (4.5-8/mm compared to 2.5-2.8/mm in Dromaeosaurus, 2.4-2.6/mm in Utahraptor, 4-5/mm in Saurornitholestes, 3.2-3.6/mm in Deinonychus, 5/mm in Bambiraptor and Velociraptor; 3-3.6/mm in Achillobator) except for Sinornithosaurus and Microraptor, which have 7-14/mm and 8/mm respectively. Delair (1959) believed the granicones to be from a thyreophoran, and Galton (1986) referred them to Echinodon (now recognized as a heterodontosaurid).