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"I think many evangelical elites see it that way." Reverend Franklin Graham, a leading evangelist and son of Billy Graham, created a stir when he said after the 9/11 attacks that Islam was a "very evil and a very wicked religion." Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, said at the 2005 CFR meeting that "many evangelicals too easily equate radical Islamic jihadism with Islam" and that his view is that Islam is a "many-splintered thing," much like Christianity.Evangelicals have also supported the Bush administration’s campaign to democratize Iraq more consistently than most other domestic groups, according to polls conducted earlier this year by both Pew and Zogby International."The evangelicals do not very neatly align themselves with one policy prescription, there’s more diversity than one would think," Roman says.A key element in our approach to privacy at the new Merck is our commitment to transparency in our privacy program. But experts say in recent years their influence on U. foreign policy has grown, from humanitarian activity in Africa to human rights in Asia. Evangelical Christians are believed to represent the single largest religious group in the United States, and as their numbers have grown, there are signs of increasing activism in U. Bush’s reelection, are among the country’s staunchest defenders of Israel, and remain supporters of the U. A major evangelical group recently issued an appeal for more activism to prevent global warming and fight poverty, and evangelicals have pressed the administration and Congress to adopt a range of humanitarian and human rights initiatives.

"By sheer dint of the numbers, I think the evangelicals are having more of a measurable impact right now" than other religious groups.

Evangelicals are prominent among the groups that have pressed administrations since the Reagan presidency to withhold funding for population programs that permit abortion.