Computer keeps updating wrong time

14-Jan-2021 15:24

Though I would wait to here from more experienced people than me on this issue.

I have done many things in Windows, advice from others but to no success.

If your clock “drifts”, as some do, this will help keep it accurate.

The preceding steps should correct any time errors in an email client you run on your machine.

Click on that and make sure your time zone is correctly selected: Finally, go ahead and click on the tab labeled Internet Time: Most of the time the default settings are correct, but make sure that Automatically synchronize…

is checked to allow Windows to synchronize your clock with an appropriate time server.

However, depending on your mail service, you may need to make sure something else is set correctly as well.

The “one hour off” is actually a clue that your time zone is set incorrectly.

If you’re using a web service such as Hotmail, though, you’re not quite done. , and other web-based services usually ask you for your time zone when you sign up.If I don't use it for several days, it jumps 3 or more days into future time, drivers start failing, and eventually the keyboard fails at which point I can't login...

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