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07-May-2020 14:49

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The pom and the cheer squad (at Tech) are very established,” she said.

“It’s worth it to us to reach out to those established groups because we find that they make excellent additions to our squad.” Roper-Mc Caslin said she is aware of the high standards placed upon students at Tech, and she appreciates that students are being challenged. “(Well-established groups) understand about high expectations, and the performance quality, of course, is better.” As far as the stereotype all cheerleaders are no more than a pretty face, Roper-Mc Caslin said she does not expect to see the perception change any time soon, though she would like it to.

The Cowboys made no discernable additions to last year's team and their 9-7 season in 2017 was a result of just that as Elliott missed six games under NFL suspension.

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Shelley Roper-Mc Caslin, head recruiter for the DCC, came to Texas Tech to dispel this myth as well as team up with Tech’s Spirit Squads to promote school pride and enthusiasm.

“We don’t really get that respect level (we deserve) of dancing and being more performance-based than cheer.” Busch plans to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders after graduation but said she is apprehensive.

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