Dating a salsa dancer

21-Dec-2020 13:43

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Honestly, the only reason to continue with salsa is if you like it.

As long as you're not the jealous type, it shouldn't matter.

The reason why people say that is, in my experience, not because they only want to date a dancer, but because latin dance becomes so addictive that it becomes a reason to travel and easily the thing that you do nearly every night of the week.

If you don't dance, between going to the clubs and taking lessons you may just rarely ever see her.

And that's totally reasonable for a non-dancer to feel that way.

But it sucks because the girls then feel guilty about going out dancing since they explicitly know it disturbs their SO.

I know where you're coming from, I've been there. Figure out how to better yourself, then figure out how, in your day to day life, you can better others - most of all your family and friends, and then you will be that man that you are wanting to be.

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And then you need to write a lot of bad poetry before you learn to write good poems. Latin dance does sometimes get called a pickup dance, but the reality is very different. If you go into it thinking you're going to woo some hot bitches, or what ever, they're going to figure you out pretty quick and you will be sidelined and disappointed. I'm only an advanced intermediate dancer, but I smile a lot, I'm playful and I don't hit on the girls - especially not on the dance floor.

As an ex-break dancer/popper, I can tell you that partner dancing, but salsa in particular, offers something that other dance just simply does not have. You must learn to truly connect with your dance partner in order to progress. I used to bag on Bachata when I first was taking an into to Latin dance class learned it but then as I began to start dancing and take a bunch of dance classes (breakdancing, House dancing, locking, etc.), I began to appreciate ALL types of dancing. I too am addicted to dancing and have been working on House dancing lately (especially when I am hella high to ease off on my anxiety and negativity in my mind).

If you're not really interested in salsa, at the very least learn a solid basic bachata and you'll be fine. How should I go about taking Salsa or other Latin dances so seriously when I'm just so much into Popping and House dancing at the moment (been in the dance game 2 years in so far, LOL).

Yeah, bachata looks simple, and really the basics are easy enough to pick up in a day... If you're anywhere near a city there will be at least one really good school around you.

But developing a connection that moves you from dancing steps to really "dancing the girl" takes a lot more heart. It's a very different animal than solo dances.

Is it true that in the Salseras will only date Salseros?