Dating a trinidadian man

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One well-known picture, taken by Lord Snowdon, shows Miss Chan turning the heads of three servicemen as she walks through Venice in 1956.

But I also want to have an affair with you." Lord Snowdon had lusted after and become captivated by Ms Hills to almost the same degree that he had been attracted many years earlier by Princess Margaret's beauty and sense of fun.

The book will also scrutinise the 20-year relationship that Lord Snowdon pursued with his mistress Ann Hills.

It ended in tragedy when she committed suicide on New Year's Eve, 1996: she had been lonely over Christmas and had telephoned her lover to explain her unhappiness.

Quite how many lovers – both female and, possibly, male – Lord Snowdon has had will never be known.

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He certainly mixed freely in gay circles, although he once said: "I didn't fall in love with boys, but a few men have been in love with me." In discussions with the author, Lord Snowdon has, however, been much happier to admit some of his female conquests.

Lord Snowdon seems to have agreed that there should be no "no-go areas": he has been willing to talk about his troubled marriage, his bitter rift with one of Princess Margaret's closest friends and other controversial areas of his occasionally bizarre life.