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26-Oct-2020 08:26

Not a bad price at 0 a piece NOS in original NSN package.Heck buy a set, sell one for 0 and you get yours for maybe excluding shipping. Like I said Conetta were made in 1969 but I am not sure if the transition to Bren Dan also occurred in 1969??? It should not last long for the ones or the more desired ones. I do not want a Bren Dan and what to know if there is a chance the 1969 choice could be a Bren Dan.While it’s frustrating (for us, at least) to wait a few weeks longer, we’ll be able to use this extra time to make the event even more exciting and content-rich. We have invited several national-caliber Share Point speakers, so we’re confident that creating a longer planning window is the right decision.

I just hope all the 1969s are Conetta and not a mix of Conetta and Bren Dan. Bren Dan are US gov contract but likely never US issued. Gary Cunningham in bayonet points talks about Connetta and Bren Dan making M4 bayonets. Conetta ended and Bren Dan started as a spin off company. I am glad I bought a bunch of the 1969 before they sold out. From the Midway description..collector sets do not state different manufacturers or even which one. Stating that you can keep one in the box and open the other.Je sais qu'il faut que je ressorte du pays pour l'obtenir (je trouve cela cocasse mais bon) Sauf que je ne connais pas encore ma date exacte de re-entrée...puis-je mettre une date approximative ?