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15-Dec-2020 14:37

Two of my most popular articles (10 Guys You Should NEVER Date — 10 Girls You Should NEVER Date) sparked some interest and discussion across the Christian blog-o-sphere.It’s been fun to watch the response, and I totally connect with those of you who’ve emailed me to ask: The truth is, there’s absolutely no way to narrow down the kind of guy you SHOULD date into a few generic categories.There’s more to life than football and electronics.Find a guy who’s willing to take you a little deeper.The guy with which you can laugh until you pee (a little), share the same sense of humor, and have tons of things in common.Oftentimes, he’s been sitting under your nose, and you didn’t even know it.

) but let’s just put it out there- attraction is a big deal.

): The Jesus Lovin’ Guy There’s definitely a difference between a “God-fearing” man, and a Jesus-loving man.

When a man is in love with Jesus, you can tell, because it overflows out of everything he says, and does – and impacts how he lives his life.

But from what I know about a healthy relationship and marriages, the Has-Character Guy is always, always, always the best choice- because honesty, compassion, loyalty, trustworthiness, and purity are worth more than any amount of chocolate, roses, and diamonds in the entire world.

The Gentleman I’m not just talking about a guy who opens your door, pays for your meals, and carries your bags.

And the best relationships are always built on the foundation of friendship. The Responsible Guy Look for a guy who can take care of himself, manage his finances, and prioritize his time.