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10-Dec-2019 12:17

Firstly, there’s the need to preserve and enhance natural capital.

This means reducing the need for resources, but also choosing materials, technologies, or processes that encourage flows of nutrients within the system.

On the more practical side of things, Tinder has finally addressed one of the bigger pain points with using its app – now, you can upload photos directly from your Camera Roll instead of relying on those imported from Facebook.

This latter item has been something of an issue for Tinder, as many of those in its core demographic are not as active on Facebook as they are elsewhere (like Instagram).

Martian soil does contain the base nutrients required for plant growth, but enhancing this with biodiversity—as well as fungal and microbial networks—is essential to long-term success.It’s a place of extreme and unusual temperatures, unpleasant atmospheric toxins, and it’s lacking in the resources to which humanity has become accustomed. Civilization is facing intense and complex challenges like climate change, drought, and soil degradation.