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12-Feb-2021 01:30

In June 2017, six people were charged with various offences including manslaughter by gross negligence, misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice for their actions during and after the disaster.

Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, the home of Sheffield Wednesday, was selected by the Football Association (FA) as a neutral venue to host the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs.

Hooliganism had affected the sport for some years, and was particularly virulent in England.

A report by Eastwood & Partners for a safety certificate for the stadium in 1978 concluded that although it failed to meet the recommendations of the Green Guide, a guide to safety at sports grounds, the consequences were minor.

The crush occurred in the two standing-only central pens in the Leppings Lane stand, allocated to Liverpool supporters.

Shortly before kick-off, in an attempt to ease overcrowding outside the entrance turnstiles, the police match commander, chief superintendent David Duckenfield, ordered exit gate C to be opened, leading to an influx of even more supporters to the already overcrowded central pens.

The case resembles that of young Charlie Gard, who passed away earlier this year after his parents Chris and Connie fought a legal battle to try and keep him alive, despite advice from medical experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thousands of people have now signed up to join 'Alfie's Army' after months of discussion between the hospital and the parents about the young boy.

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Blaming of Liverpool fans persisted even after the Taylor Report of 1990, which found that the main cause of the disaster was a failure of control by South Yorkshire Police (SYP).Mr Evans, from Bootle, said: 'It's devastating - we feel so disappointed.I feel Alfie is being ignored, let down and not given a chance.'Why should we take him to a hospice when there's a hospital happy to take him?The dress code is smart, and numbers are limited to 20 of each gender to ensure that you spend as much time as possible with each date.

Two loving parents are facing a legal battle to save their baby son's life after a hospital applied to the High Court to switch off his life support.Police believed there had been a real chance of fatalities had swift action not been taken, and recommended the club reduce its capacity.

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