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In the midst of this quest to figure out what’s going on and where he stands, they often lose sight of what’s important (the actual relationship, and how it is in the here and now).No one intentionally seeks to sabotage their relationship (at least, not if you really like the guy).Please be safe on our site and don’t send any face pics or use your actual email address if you want to remain anonymous. Please use the new Report Post button below each ad if you feel the ad should not be on the site.The beginning of a relationship is often the most confusing time, a time when everything seems precarious and you don’t quite know where you stand or where, if anywhere, the relationship is going.Guys like their relationships and their lives to be simple and drama-free.The most attractive woman to a guy is one who goes with the flow and can be present in the relationship without putting so much pressure on it.Like I said, this sort of pressure can be a huge turn-off and can turn a promising relationship into a nonexistent one real fast.

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The more time you spend thinking and talking about him, the more you’re investing in him and the more hurt you’ll be if the relationship ends.If something seems like a bad sign, you focus on solving it, stat!You pick apart his texts and e-mails, you debate endlessly over what to respond and whether an emoticon would seem cheesy or cute, you spend hours talking to your friends about why he’s taking so long to text back and what it means and what he might be up to. QUIZ: Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life?She was in a total tizzy until I told her to relax and stop trying to solve relationship problems that haven’t happened yet and instead focus on deciding if she wants to go on a third date… The important thing to realize about men is that they’re very in the moment.

Women can be too, but more often, women can’t help but get a little overzealous when a promising prospect comes into the picture.You think about all the crazy coincidences that lead to you meeting him (if there weren’t any, you’ll find some to make this a great “how we met” story!

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Men liked being taller than their partners, but they didn’t care about the height difference as much as women did.… continue reading »

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