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11-Dec-2020 04:40

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I know that when he’s going through a pending divorce or recovering from a recent divorce, he might look like he’s a complete mess. Know that he’s responsible for, and is the only one who can control, his own emotional well-being. If no one needs us, does it mean we’re not loveable people?

There’s a difference between being a compassionate friend and being someone’s crutch or being someone’s medicine. When you’re a compassionate friend, you empathize, you feel for him, maybe you offer verbal solutions if he asks for it, but you maintain emotional boundaries, you don’t his problem for him, you don’t try to manage or control his pain. The desire to control is ultimately based in fear and in self-sabotaging beliefs. These were questions that I had really struggled with in the past.

Then, one day he doesn’t pick up the phone or answer your texts as readily as he used to. But he said his ex has a last minute business trip and he has to take care of the kids. But there are some key differences between rebound relationships and relationships with long term potential.

Unlike him to not give you notice or find some workaround. The man that I married was a recent divorcee and we’re still going strong.

Rebound relationships might have all the comforts of being a sense of depth and outlook toward the future in a rebound relationship, it is often short-lived.

You’ve never felt such a connection with anyone else you’ve ever met before. You take a weekend away (even though it’s mostly spent in bed, but oh well, you don’t mind). Oh well, you say to yourself, maybe he had a busy day at work. Oh well, you say to yourself, he’s adjusting to being a single dad, you can understand, right? Rebound relationships typically serve short-term needs and have a short-term outlook.

Knowing your needs and requirements help you more clearly discern whether they are being met and honored in your relationship.

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What could be more dangerous than using another person to help you distract yourself from emotional pain you don't want to feel?

It's dangerous for you and the person you are in a relationship with.

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