Dating site marketing strategies

02-Jan-2021 18:53

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Even though a lot of users may prefer other dating apps over Tinder, most of “In general, on a browser or on a phone, you scroll and stop, and then have to go up or down to position and digest the content.With swipes on Tinder, the act of navigating through content is merged with inputting an action on that content.”Even with biased viewpoints on the feature, it has been lapped up by app developers in full force.While well-integrated ads like Ex Machina’s can be extremely effective, there might be such a thing as going too far on such an intimate platform — the intention, after all, is to promote a product, not to break hearts. Along came, Tinder and drastically changed the way people viewed dating.

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A large number of women who’ve used Tinder have often voiced their opinion on Known for its women’s first approach, Bumble has become the first choice for many women today.

Most recently, the film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was promoted via a fake profile for actor Zac Efron (who plays “Dave” in the film).

When users swipe right, Dave messages them the opening date of the film, and tells them to “make it a date.” Whether it’s a native advertising profile indistinguishable from a real Tinder user, or a more overt ad promising free pizza, marketers are certainly getting creative when it comes to dating apps.

Nowadays, nearly 30% of 18-24 year olds admit to having used a dating site (although a third of those interviewed had never actually met up with a date).

Considering the app’s popularity, it’s no surprise that companies have begun to develop marketing strategies to reach its user base.Launched in late 2012, dating app Tinder has enjoyed what can only be described as a meteoric rise.

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