Dating someone who used to be promiscuous

23-Jan-2020 06:24

Having been around doesn't mean you'll necessarily stray.

However, pretending that it's not a potential warning sign is as naive as assuming promiscuity automatically means they'll cheat is presumptive.

I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, but I find older women just seem to enjoy it more. Same with work--I like changing things up every 6 months or so. Just because some one may be promiscuous doesn't mean they are incapable of having a commited relationship with one person and not feel the need to cheat.

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I will say that her history definitely made her behavior strongly suspect towards the end of it. At that point it mattered a lot more to me because we were married, were raising a daughter together, and it felt like there was a lot more riding on my trusting her.

Do you feel that it is ok for a person who has had a promiscuous past, to completely hold back that information from a possible future lover/partner so that they won't be judged for their past actions? What would matter to me would be current behavior and attitude and beliefs, not what she did in the past.