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23-Dec-2019 16:44

Since its official establishment, June 14, 1775 — more than a year before the Declaration of Independence — the U. Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation.

Drawing on both long-standing militia traditions and recently introduced professional standards, it won the new republic's independence in an arduous eight-year struggle against Great Britain.

It was the first of the Coercive, or Intolerable Acts, five laws passed by the British Parliament to suppress resistance to its authority over the American colonies.

The second act, the Massachusetts Government Act of May 20, 1774, stripped the colony of its sovereignty. Thomas Gage, the commander in chief of British forces in North America and royal governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, invoked the new law in October 1774 and dissolved the provincial assembly. Abbey, illustrates a reality of American politics in 1774-1775.

John Parker's company of militia exchanging musket fire with British regulars on the village green at Lexington, Mass., on the morning of April 19, 1775.

Now that the fighting had begun, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress looked to the Continental Congress, which convened on May 10 in Philadelphia, for assistance from the other 12 colonies of British America.

They formed what became known as the New England Army of Observation and put the British forces posted at Boston under siege.

For the time being, the rebellion was a regional affair.

Determined to prevent a mutiny among his officers, Washington called them to convene an assembly, March 15, to discuss matters and implied that he would not attend. The Continental Army thus became America’s first national institution. George Washington of Virginia was the favored choice because of his celebrated military record and the hope that a leader from Virginia could further unite the colonies.Congress unanimously voted on the measure, and the next day presented Washington his commission.Washington unexpectedly interrupted the meeting and denounced the anonymous address, saying that it had "something so shocking in it that humanity revolts at the idea." In an eloquent and passionate address, Washington was able to diffuse the situation, appealing to their sense of duty and patriotism and placing their "full confidence in the purity of the intentions of Congress." Through his words, Washington not only reaffirmed the significance of civilian control of the military, but may have also saved the fate of American independence.

The tradition of service did not end with the conclusion of the Revolutionary War in 1783.

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, created by Domenick D'Andrea, depicts minutemen and militia in combat with British regulars at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Mass., April 19, 1775, in what proved to be the opening battle of the Revolutionary War.

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