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Will also respond to requests for cards in stock via fax (which is easier for non-speakers of German). Name: Cartorama Prop: Jean Darquenne (reads/writes English, French, reads Dutch, Italian, Spanish) Address: Oberdorf 23 D-37308 Krombach Germany Tel: 49-36082 48200 Fax: 49-36082 48201 E-mail: [email protected]: in superior antique cards and paper ephemera by mail order and produces a well-illustrated catalogue in German and English at regular intervals (again, if you don't buy anything you must pay for the catalogue which is £10 or ).

Name: Madame Monique Gillet Prop: Madame Monique Gillet (reads/writes French, English, German) Address: Chemin du Mottey 3 CH-1020 Renens Switzerland Tel: 41-21-25 76 70 Fax: - E-mail: [email protected] in 2013 as a subsidiary of Dan and Dave Industries, Inc., Art of Play has developed into one of the world's leading sources for designer playing cards and accessories.

Ordinary sources are stationery shops, but these will normally be standard (though one can be pleasantly surprised sometimes when an unusual deck is found there).

The various societies carry announcements of available decks and advertisements by dealers.

Note that we are not necessarily advocating their services; they advertise in the specialised journals read by collectors: Name: Games et al Prop: Ann and John Sings (reads/writes French) Address: P O Box 29 Norfolk NR28 9NQ England Tel: 44 1 692 650 496 Fax: 44 8 E-mail: [email protected]: Somerville (Playing Cards) Prop: Roderick Somerville (reads/writes French, Italian, reads Spanish) Address: Place de la Mairie F-31420 Alan FRANCE Tel: 33 (0)5 61 98 76 61 Fax: 33 (0)5 61 98 76 10 E-mail: Roderick [email protected] Web: Somervilles deals in new cards and now has around 2,000 packs in stock from all over the world.

For 18 years he ran the most amazing shop in Edinburgh's Royal Mile but has relocated to South-Western France to concentrate on mail order. Does mail order, world wide exports, retail and wholesale. Name: Inter Col London Prop: Yasha Beresiner (reads/writes French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish) Address: 43 Templars Crescent LONDON N3 3QR England Tel: 44 20 8349 2207 Fax: 44 20 8346 9539 E-mail: [email protected]: Name: HAVA GETZ IMAGES Prop: Hava Getz (speaks English, Hebrew, and Thai) P. Box 6 Markfield LEICESTER LE67 9ZY United Kingdom Tel: 44 1530 244354 Fax: 44 1530 244354 E-mail: [email protected] Web: Name: MGM/Joker KG Prop: ?

The Paris pattern, used throughout france, became double-headed in 1827, and by 1830 double-headed cards were more common than single-ended ones in most European countries.

A very good source is other collectors, who may wish to trade their duplicates or unwanted material; much of this is done at club meetings.Publisher and distributor of modern packs from US Playing Cards Co., Theory 11, etc.

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