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12-Dec-2019 17:59

Although the office might have displayed the posters as decorations for a while, it seems more likely that the photo was taken shortly after the end of World War I. ” to the photo’s online description to help future researchers.

The dating question comes up often in historical picture collections.

I looked in vain for calendars on the walls or desks that might have pinned down the date further.

Then I wondered about the posters in the background.

The photo shows the busy catalog card distribution office at the Library of Congress. Recently, we needed to determine when the photo was taken, so out came my magnifying glass.

This is another simple finding that needs little explanation.If you’re anything like me, you usually think of your pics in terms of content: Here’s me smiling. As always, our data comes from dating site Ok Cupid, one of the largest, and most interesting, datasets on the web. We feel like people don’t really think about these things when they choose a profile photo, and yet, as we shall see, their misuse can seriously mess you up.Technique can make or break your photograph, and the right decisions can get you more dates.

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Trace the dotted lines to see what I’m talking about. If you have access to a flash that can bounce off the ceiling or walls, that could work much better.