Devendra banhart natalie portman still dating Chatmate american teen

03-Oct-2019 04:03

Um…in Hollywood – videos, television, music, movies – these are what people immerse themselves in. She may be a bit broken-hearted at the moment but that too shall pass and she will move on to being more fabulous than ever!

The actress has really been having a hard time of it lately, first with a breakup from her boyfriend and then the political debachle she’s found for herself in India.

The hip-hop moguls seemed to enjoy the mix of music (which was, conveniently, heavy on the Jay-Z hits).

(For what it's worth, it's a very good Buckley homage.) "It'd be a shame to make-believe", sings Yamagata. Alas, she then goes and makes herself critic-bait with the resolutely awful "Worn Me Down", the disc's crassest moment. On "Worn Me Down", she shows she's all too willing to write disposable music if it might fit into the established radio landscape.… continue reading »

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