Difference between close friends dating

08-Dec-2020 04:30

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And if we can be friends with someone we are attracted to, then so much the better—so long as it works for, and not against, the friendship.Neel Burton is author of You can never judge your feelings what you want from another person. And if we can be friends with someone we are attracted to it will work for long in your life.

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In Plato’s , Socrates says that he should ‘greatly prefer a real friend to all the gold of Darius’, thereby signifying not only that he places friendship on the same high pedestal as philosophy, to which he has devoted (and will sacrifice) his life, but also that the kind of friendship which he has in mind is so rare and uncommon that even he does not possess it.Sexual attraction takes a back seat in favour of personal qualities and compatibilities, shared goals, and making it work.

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