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Normally forming the hilt of the Star Sword, Rare Star Sword and Star Axe, Starmon can become the gunsight of the Meteor Cannon when Digi Fused with Beelzemon and several silver Pickmon.In the English dub, Starmon speaks in the style of Elvis Presley.She assists Mikey and Shoutmon when they returned to the Digital World, updating them on what occurred in their absence and rescuing the other Fusion Fighters from the fearsome Dark General Dorbickmon.Lillymon joins up with Mikey following Dorbickmon's destruction.He accompanies the Fusion Fighters and acts as their guide.Jijimon first Digi Fuses with Chibi Tortomon along with Knightmon, Pawn Chessmon, Beastmon, Dondokomon and Cutemon to form Greatest Cutemon.He later Digi Fuses with Chibi Tortomon along with Golemon to form Golem Jiji Tortomon.Lillymon is Shoutmon's childhood friend in the Village of Light, helping him in his attempt to convince Mikey in staying.

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He is revealed to be one of the six Legendary Heroes of the Digimon Multiverse.However, once all 108 Code Crown fragments were claimed, Bagramon manages to take all the Code Crown fragments for himself, before sending Mikey, Angie, Jeremy, as well as Shoutmon, to the Earth.

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