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Both pairs appeared firmly committed to Islam on a personal level and through activism in their local Muslim communities.

"There were no differences in values or raising the kids or disagreement in terms of lifestyle, careers or friends." Today, both couples have divorced.

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Basith added she did not want her daughter to be raised in a home where there was no harmony, since she and her ex-husband argued regularly.

From an Islamic perspective, divorce is the legal route out of an abusive or unsatisfactory marriage for both men and women.

There are detailed rules outlining the processes involved, as well as preliminary steps to help deal with conflict before that option is pursued.

These men and women represent a seemingly growing number of Muslims in North America choosing to end their marriages for various reasons, ranging from incompatibility to infidelity.

According to the Rutgers University National Marriage Project, the American divorce rate today is more than twice that of 1960, but has declined slightly since hitting the highest point in the country's history in the early 1980s.

That is why it took a while for the divorce to happen. But at one point, life gets so miserable, you understand there's a reason it's (the divorce option) there." There clearly seems to be a move away from the attitude that couples should stay together even in the unhappiest of marriages for the sake of the children, a view once held by many Muslim immigrants.