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Spectroscopy may also help uncover the manufacturing methods used to fabricate artistic materials, providing valuable data about the development of technical skills over time.Spectroscopy also enables scholars to date objects.The frequency of these periodic vibrational motion is known as vibration frequency and it’s characteristic of each chemical compound.Therefore, if the vibrational frequencies of a molecule can be measured, it is possible to compare those to a database of frequencies and determine the name of the molecule. The most direct way to probe the vibrational frequencies of a molecule is through infrared spectroscopy.Because some materials were available in particular regions and periods, the retrieval of pigments with a well-known date of invention allows art historians to date artifacts post quem.Other pigments may be known to have disappeared from the artists’ palette, so their presence permits experts to date artifacts ante quem.The sulfides cause the chemical reaction of lead carbonate to black lead sulfide. Radiation scattered by molecules contains photons with the same frequency as the incident radiation, but may also contain photons with changed or shifted frequency.

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This information enables art historians and scholars to understand what artistic materials were available during a certain period in a particular region, and therefore illuminates trade routes and interactions among cultures.

The spectrum of this wavelength-shifted light is called the Raman spectrum.