Elephant love loneliness dating and relationships

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The Genius Aged 8 1/4 Jeremy Strong Jeremy Strong knows exactly what will make young readers laugh: eccentric characters; zany plots; plenty of slapstick.Alfie Poppleton is a very sensible young man, in marked contrast to his parents, school teachers, town police force and Mayor, who are...Rugby Academy: Deadlocked Tom Palmer Interest Age 8-12 Reading Age 8 Tom Palmer really gets the drama of sport and competition and no-one writes about it better.The Borderlands team have reached the finals of the World Schools Rugby Trophy and are in New Zealand...Without exception dyslexia-friendly books published by Barrington Stoke get off to an exciting start and maintain the impetus throughout, with...Mad Iris and the Bad School Report Jeremy Strong One of our Dyslexia Friendly Books of the Year 2015 - Interest Age 8-12 Reading Age 8Firm favourite Mad Iris returns for a third madcap adventure involving OFSTED inspectors and an out-of-control school mascot in this laugh-out-loud comedy from a superstar...Chapter one and Robbie and Gareth are local celebrities being interviewed by local TV. A story of ghostly goings on in the local woods,...My Dog Daisy Jean Ure Interest Age 8-12 Reading Age 8 This new story from Jean Ure, though seemingly simple and straightforward, is typically full of insight into children's friendships and lives.

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Snug is Lisa's cat and always has been as he arrived at the house just before...Wartman 4u2read Michael Morpurgo Interest Age 7-12 Reading Age 7 A brand new 4u2read edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of this touching tale by Michael Morpurgo.Dilly's life was great until he found the wart growing on his knee. Tales from Weird Street Anne Fine Interest Age 8 Reading Age 8 Three young friends pass a sunny day telling each other stories of some of the strange things that have happened in their street, and what stories they are: each one so cleverly constructed, so...Clare and her Captain Michael Morpurgo One of our Books of the Year 2015 - November 2015 Julia Eccleshare's Book of the Month Award-winning Michael Morpurgo is always at his best when writing about the countryside and the animals in it. Henry Pond the Poet Dick King-Smith Interest Age 5-8 Dick King-Smith had a wonderful gift for creating seemingly simple children's stories filled with humour and drama.

Henry Pond is renowned by the other toads for his poetry, but it's not enough to win the heart of...

The Moonshine Dragon Cornelia Funke Interest Age 5-8 When a tiny dragon escapes from the pages of the story he has been reading, Patrick can hardly believe his eyes.