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17-Sep-2020 23:47

Street prostitution in Vienna is generally legal, but limited to certain streets outside of residential areas.

: Up to 150 prostitutes work on the streets of Vienna.

Unlike in German and Dutch cities, most Austrian towns don’t have Red-light districts.

Of course the number of the sex workers is highest in the capital, Vienna, but there is significant existence of prostitutes in other cities too.

The street prostitution in Vienna is dominated by women from Eastern Europe.

In 2009, the city of Vienna announced plans to approach the problem of illegal sex workers.

Since prostitution is in primary legal in Vienna, it is usually not covered as strip clubs, massage parlors or escort agencies.

The hookers in Mariahilferstrasse to Technisches Museum want to have about 50€ for blowjob and fucking and night time there are lots of whores.

Popular form of prostitution in Vienna is Kabinensex.Street prostitution used to be legal in the entire Prater area after 10PM with the exception of the amusement park.Some people may be surprised to learn that prostitution is not legal anymore in the Stuwerviertel area.Street prostitution in generally illegal in Austria, so by going to a brothel, clients could avoid ending up with an unchecked, illegal sex worker.

Often, this does not happen for financial reason – street hookers are cheaper.Vienna's red light area is still rather filthy with the exception of some individual venues.