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During World War I, the pacifist Hutterites suffered persecution in the United States.

In the most severe case, four Hutterite men subjected to military draft who refused to comply were imprisoned and physically abused.

Today, most Hutterites live in Western Canada and the upper Great Plains of the United States.

Originating in the Austrian province of Tyrol in the 16th century, the forerunners of the Hutterites migrated to Moravia to escape persecution.

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The colony is virtually self-sufficient as far as contracting outside labor, constructing its own buildings, doing its own maintenance and repair on equipment, making its own clothes, etc.Since the death of their eponym Jakob Hutter in 1536, the beliefs of the Hutterites, especially living in a community of goods and absolute pacifism, have resulted in hundreds of years of diaspora in many countries.

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