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03-Feb-2021 17:18

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That's right, there actually is truth to all those surveys online that claim to know everything about you based on the color of your eyes.New research suggests there are many links found between personality traits and the color of a person's eyes.A study conducted in Australia found that people with lighter eyes were found to be "less agreeable" and far more competitive than those with dark eyes. A study published in PLo S One found that people will more often choose faces with dark eyes when asked who they would trust in a group of pictures.After examining hundreds of participants, researchers found that people with dark eyes are more likely to be characterized using words like "empathy, friendliness, generosity and compassion."Really? Unemotional, heartless, detached, cold, resting bitch face? People with blue eyes tended to appear the least trustworthy. Does that mean we're picking the least trustworthy people we can find to take home every weekend?Psychology Today says that people tend to find men and women with dark eyes seem more dominant and powerful than their light-eyed counterparts.Researchers think this might be because of social surroundings rather than a genetic advantage.Those with dark eyes tend to be dominating and have a thirst for power that their light colored eyed buddies just don’t have.You, my dark eyed friends, are also great at sports, most notably tennis and other sports that involve racquets, although a quick Google search confirmed what I already knew: Both John Mc Enroe and Bjorn Borg, two of the greatest tennis players of all time, have blue eyes … People with dark eyes can’t really handle pain all that well, and that, according to science, is proven by the fact that women respond faster to epidurals than their blue-eyed counterparts.

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Light-eyed people are not good at sports, and I can attest to this because I was consistently picked last for teams during gym. Eyes can give us clues about how much liquor we can handle, how strong a person is and what someone's personality may be like before even speaking to him or her.