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Our company bathroom is in the background of some of them as well as the office her and I share (I am in the office part-time).One of the photos described to me is a full photo of her standing in front of my desk with her pants around her ankles.It would be 100% reasonable to tell Jane that this needs to stop immediately and all photos taken in your office need to be removed, and that this will be her last warning on the topic and you’ll part ways with her if it continues.It would also be entirely reasonable to decide that Jane has already demonstrated such terrible judgment that you’re not going to go through a warning process and instead will part ways now.You can’t let your organization be held hostage to that. What if she starts slapping your logo on these nude photos?) There’s a point where someone’s behavior just isn’t okay, and this is at that point.We all know Tinder is notorious for being one of the best sex apps out there, but it isn’t the only one.

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Frankly, it almost seems like a compulsion or an act of hostility toward your office, or both.That’s not okay, and you don’t need to tip-toe around that with her.And you know, one day Jane will leave of her own volition, and then you will have the work of replacing her at that point anyway.Yesterday she went to use the bathroom (which is private) at least four times, staying in there for over 10 minutes each time with her phone in hand and all I could do was picture what she could be doing in there.

Given her experience and high degree of responsibility, it would be an enormous task to replace her, and believe it or not otherwise her job performance is very good.So don’t be held hostage to your fear of having to do that now, to the point that you tolerate totally unacceptable behavior in your office.