Fibromyalgia adult chat rooms

04-Nov-2020 19:59

We finally diagnosed it ourselves after a friend told us of her friend that had the same symptoms.We had gone to doctor after doctor and they just thought we were nuts or depressed.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia is a debilitating and largely misunderstood chronic illness.Here is a discussion of symptoms and my experiences, along with information about getting diagnosed. Most people like me lead very normal, healthy lives and then one day– BAM! I started volunteering when I was 14 and working when I was 15.I finally got to the point where I could barely get out of bed even to comb my hair. I was finally able to move out and I got on Social Security Disability in April of 1992.

They said we were one of the most “classic” cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome they had seen.All day I just laid there trying to collect my strength for the next time I needed to go. We called the EMTs and when they got there they were worried the kids would be traumatized by seeing great grandma on the floor. Once I laid with my eyes closed all day, not because I was sleeping but because I was too weak to hold my eyelids open. I did write more about this in our e-book Common Cents When You’re Sick. I left in June 1990 and by the end of August I was so sick I could hardly get out of bed. People walk almost exclusively there and I am pretty sure that is what triggered my relapse (exercise makes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome worse).

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The people in Sweden eat the most healthy diet you can imagine, so I know it wasn’t my eating habits!And as well, if you do have high levels of nausea, remember “Bubbles and sugar.” This one was hard for me because I only like water. So to take the anti-nausea medicine or just to stay somewhat hydrated I had to find some form of carbonated alternative.

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