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Tamina got to the office at ten and found Robert, the cause of her restless night, sitting in her chair with his feet propped up on the desk.

Instead of getting up, Robert remained there with a smirk on his face.“I love the dark green skirt and pale green top you're wearing today. Tell me, Tamina are you wearing a matching green thong and bra set?

Suddenly, he released her and said, “See you Friday here for the photo shoot,” and with that he was gone, leaving Tamina with an ache she hadn’t felt in a long time.

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Unfortunately for Robert, he was wearing Reeboks and he let go of Tamina to grab his foot, hopping around the office.“Feisty little bitch,” he said.Her red hair was cut in a bob that framed a heart-shaped face and her green eyes sparkled.“I'm sorry but I didn’t hear you come in,” she told the stranger. Ted has gone for the afternoon so I know there are no appointments scheduled.”“Can you turn around and bend over again and give me another look at that fine arse you have. Now, be back here Friday morning at seven to get started on the photo shoot.