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• August 15, 2012 AM re: @yoshi Having never attended Def Con, I was less than thrilled to read your report of the EFF's behavior there.I'm a long time member of and contributor to EFF, and am greatly disappointed to hear of this.

The skeptic community is a male and often geek dominated one, would it be too big a generalization to say the security world is also?

I just don't imagine people who work in this field having this kind of mindset. • August 15, 2012 AM Sounds like a typical nightclub or student bar shenanigans.

If you think this is bad look up what happens at cosplay cons, lulzcon or any other con with a large/ b/ presense • August 15, 2012 AM I'm glad Little Boy Brew brought up the similarity between this story and the issue of conference sexism reported by Rebecca Watson that has been shaking up the skeptic community for the past year.

A recent Slashdot article basically asked how sexist behavior could be brought to a tolerable level when the team's first female would be joining.

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Most of the crowd basically told the submitter to grow up and learn to be professional.

" When I asked him how many men would be standing around in a circle recording this event, he quickly assured me that "no one would be taking video! " Aurora writes that Def Con is no different from other hacker cons.

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