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And no matter how hard you try to avoid the things that frighten you, there is no way around them, only through. When you see someone being taken advantage of, abused, or wronged who may not have the strength to stand up for themselves, do whatever you can to kibosh the injustice.

You’ll notice patterns within your behavior, and more and more often you’ll be able to catch yourself in advance before you go and step all over someone else’s toes and end up owing them a pedi just to make things right.When you fall down in life and climb out of the holes along the way, be the hand that reaches down and lifts the next guy up and says “Here, let me show you the way.” Be amazing at making mistakes; make more mistakes in the next year or two than you’ve made in your entire life. If you’re not making mistakes, you probably aren’t learning and growing, and that which doesn’t grow dies.I once heard a guy say, “At 18 I worried about what everyone thought of me, at 40 I stopped caring what they thought, and at 65 I realized they weren’t thinking about me at all.” At some level we all care what others think, and the guy who says he doesn’t care what people think of him wants people to think he doesn’t care what people think of him.The Covenant Group has a proven program that will help us grow.

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BTW, I have to give credit for the whole “Stay in your own business” thing to a true badass, Byron Katie, whose teachings called “The Work” have had a profound impact on my life.