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13-Apr-2020 14:34

For some very strange reason, it seems to happen quite a lot.Both here on and I’ve actually experienced it in my own life too. How were you treated when your ex said it was over, or at the time you ended it? (PS: It’s called a “Second Chance” not a chance.)Sometimes they’re coming back because they can’t bear the thought of you moving on with your life without them. They realise they care about you, or love and want to be with you.I had one “off and on relationship” that lasted a year and it took a further two to fully extricate myself from.Then it stopped for a few years only to start up again.Please remember some other person does not complete you. It’s OK to tell them you’re still healing and that if and when you want to be in touch again, you’ll reach out. Sometimes they’re jealous of the new life you’re carving out for yourself – with them. Ask the tough questions – even the ones you probably won’t like the answers of. Tell me about your experience of an EX reaching out to you – and what sort of result it had.Sometimes when an ex reaches out it’s a good time, or sign that a conversation about reconciliation is on the cards. It’s a challenge to decipher what the contact actually means. Sometimes contact means something, sometimes it really doesn’t. Or share your story in How, When and Where You Were Dumped.

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You just started feeling happier, more confident and maybe even starting to fancy someone new?The unfortunate thing that I’ve seen around here is they’ve come back with a convincing tale, tell you what you want to hear – only to turn around and dump you again.

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