Half lives used carbon dating fossils

04-Jan-2020 09:18

half lives used carbon dating fossils-27

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Figure 1 below shows in histogram form the results of these analyses.

These values fall squarely within the range already established in the peer-reviewed radiocarbon literature.

This is partly due to the legacy of the doctrine of uniformitarianism passed down from one generation of geologists to the next since the time of Charles Lyell in the early nineteenth century.

Uniformitarianism assumes that the vast amount of geological change recorded in the rocks is the product of slow and uniform processes operating over an immense span of time, as opposed to a global cataclysm of the type described in the Bible and other ancient texts.

Most of the other RATE projects address this important issue.

half lives used carbon dating fossils-26

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The credibility of our work in creation science research depends on these costly but crucial laboratory procedures.C in a wide variety of fossil sources from throughout the geological record has thus been established in the secular scientific literature by scientists who assume the standard geological time scale is valid and have no special desire for this result!

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