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“They always told me I’m too loud for a Hmong woman, I’m too assertive.I’m always too much and I was always told to be quiet.She credits her confidence and openness to embracing her sexuality to her sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., who were the first community she had that accepted and supported Kha through her journey.After dating and exploring her sexuality, she identified as pansexual after she realized she was attracted to men, women, and people who were gender-queer or non-gender conforming.Kha was born in a refugee camp Thailand and lived there shortly before she moved to the U. Kha grew up in Milwaukee until she was 12 but moved to central Wisconsin for a couple of years because of the gang violence prevalent in her neighborhood. Her parents came along with thousands of immigrants to seek for a better life for themselves and their children.“As we’re getting more ‘Americanized’ some of the values have changed but some still stick.We still talk about hefty bride prize when you get married.

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“We still see being queer as a white thing,” Kha says.She was put into English As a Second Language (ESL) classes and was restricted to only reading books that were at her “level” of reading.