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Along the beaches you’ll also find war parties of Bokoblins, but staying to the path you can avoid them, and even find a resting merchant on the right named Giro who you can sell items to in exchange for rupees!It’s also worth your while to go climb up the nearby Dueling Peaks Tower.Note that there’s a couple of points of interest around the Plateau: Video Guide: Seek Out Impa (Dueling Peaks Tower) Wherever you land, when you’re ready to move out, take the road East past the ruins and across a bridge making toward the two imposing Dueling Peaks in the distance.The Outpost Ruins is full of old crates and rusty weapons, as well as a few chests hiding among the old forts.Heading across Proxim Bridge (be sure to check around the bridge for Stamella Shrooms) you’ll find a man gazing out at the castle named Brigo, who’s pretty afraid of all the ill omens as of late.

You can also happen by a travelling merchant named Mezer here who sells meats, and up on a ridge below the peaks is another shrine, Ree Dahee Shrine (there’s a nice Climber’s Bandana in a chest in the shrine worth getting!

We recommend you take time to explore the world at large in-between the main objectives you are given.