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22-Jul-2020 01:34

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The reason guys take a while to text back is because….we’re busy or whatever you said doesn’t warrant a response. First of all, it was four hours after the first set of texts (I guess that’s bad). It was going to be an afternoon chill sesh in the sun, and now it’s drinks? Those typing bubbles are our best friend, aren’t they? we need to drive this point home because I have gotten in trouble with even my female friends for not texting quick enough. Also, I have been making it out like guys are completely immune to over-thinking texts. I think we just assume innocence until proven guilty. Just ask him again if he can do something tonight….” My cousin Jess pipes in: “All guys are D&*^S.” Classic. I would guarantee that if she heard the nuances of his tone and his jokes and every other sense you get over the phone, this would have ended very differently.Most of us know the extremely rare but slightly creepy feeling of driving down a road or seeing a hill or listening to a conversation and being overcome by the absolute conviction that we’ve seen it or heard it before. Or maybe just a few years ago, though we may not be able to place the experience in a time frame. At least 21 – two of them members of the security forces – are killed as protestors respond to the shoot-to-kill tactics of the governments’ armed supporters.

And as a guest in the house of these rambunctious 20-something females, I had backstage passes to the show. I should just tell him never mind and go find someone who will wait around for him while he figures out what he wants! He probably didn’t take the plans that seriously and I wouldn’t have either. That decision, when communicated over text, doesn’t have the greatest opportunity to end in playing in the snow. My response: “Mel, you only met last night and even though you made plans, you guys were drinking. In reality, he probably did want very much to see her that day and he also probably wanted to play golf with his friends very much that day…and that’s about as much as he thought about it. A large number of young, disenfranchised and poor/unemployed young people take to the streets of a Middle East nation to complain about their poverty, the corruption of the regime, their own lack of freedom – and quickly, they turn against their own leaders. But within days, guns are being used against opponents of the government which both claims the people’s right to freedom of speech but warns that those who use violence will pay the price.

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The most senior leader in the state puts it all down to “money, weapons, politics and intelligence services”.

Another time.” Because in his mind, he literally did not think there was any tension between them at all.