Intimidating sports venues

04-Jan-2021 23:04

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Businesses, too, can vote with their feet if they or their employees become uncomfortable.

Teens downtown Similarly, businesses and patrons alike complain about the large number of young people at night whom some see as intimidating.But downtown also has a stubbornly rising crime rate that threatens all of the effort and investment in making this area vibrant and attractive. Spiraling crime can scare off prospective residents and employers.Residents of downtown, unlike those in most neighborhoods, tend to be renters, for whom moving is as easy as not renewing a lease.Entry to the Gay 90’s on Fridays and Saturdays is just for older teens.

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At Bar Fly’s “House Party Fridays,” women 18 and older get in for (similarly aged men pay more). Hand stamps ostensibly prevent minors from being served alcohol, but those old enough to drink can buy cocktails on Saturdays for a buck or two until 11 p.m.Public drunkenness and aggressive panhandling are more than nuisances — they can be threats to safety.