Intj women and dating

18-Feb-2021 15:05

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I'll know a guy is physically attracted to me before I know he's flirting.My best friend is an INTJ, and she and I get along extremely well. We're always talking and laughing about something silly, and working on projects together, and I enjoy her company.I had not one friend, no companion, and my family lives 500 miles away.Being introverted and thinking made it extremely difficult for me to find friends, much less a love interest.Again, unfortunately, seems like the ones I fall for want a woman who's more socially normal and doesn't challenge them as much :/ My suspicion, being an INTP, is that the J will make the T more obvious, for one (so if the person isn't a 'hard'-T or are an F it might be scarey to them). I wouldn't be surprised is people initially put you under the classification of 'leader' (as I did to my INTJ) and if they don't want a 'leader' then they are scared off.

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But before them, I was literally alone for about five months.I think it does come off as a little bit on the dominant side. I just don't find her physically attractive though. I think its hard to find "TJ" girls in general, and definitely "NTJ"s.Even though Im an STJ, I relate well to NTJs, and my best friends are NTJs. It makes it harder to find a man, but it garauntees me that I only get intellectual ones. Luckily I have landed myself among a group of friends/coworkers that are all familiar with, at least, their own types of the MBTI.Supposedly we are good with ENTPs, but the ENTP I used to date was the MOST competitive person I've met, though he would do it subtly. We INTJs probably have it the easiest--we can disconnect our emotions from our social interactions.

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To be honest, I haven't had the privelege of encountering too many INTJ women.Being a girl, I have a difficult time preventing myself from intimidating guys. Intimidating men means they think you have profound substance and are probably out of their league. It's interesting to note all of the INTJ's who posted here thus far are Sexual/Social. My guess is we should be thankful for that, as far as dating goes anyway...