Is dating an atheist a sin

07-Mar-2020 09:37

I just feel like I didn't go through all the misery I went through just to go back to living my same old life with no improvements. My experience with the non christian is better on all fronts with the exception of Faith. I feel like the elements are there and if this person was converted tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised. I have heard of many couples where one spouse was atheist going into the relationship and ended up converting to Christianity.

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Although I'd certainly felt the religious difference was an issue that we might not be able to overcome, I don't regret it.reverence (in that it probably won't be identical in motivation) and it probably won't be the entirely same understanding of marriage (no God in the atheist's perception of it), but atheists are still capable of revering marriage.Many of us take vows to love, honor, protect, encourage, etc, and treat those vows quite they have a good heart then yes.From my experience, changing someone's mindset and lifestyle is far more difficult than helping them with their beliefs, because those things are far less prone to change.

Plenty of Christians hold less holy lifestyles than a non-believer might.You could say that's just personal drama but I know that the larger world view does contribute to it when one wants to settle down and the other wants to travel. Added: I know that married atheists exist, I'm just sharing how my experience was.

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